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Information about the Transponder Replacement Program

1. Why are you ending the Tag Swap Program December 31st?

2. Why is my SunPass transponder being replaced?

3. What are the benefits of the updated transponder?

4. Are there differences between my existing transponder and the replacement?

5. How do I know if I've paid a toll if my transponder doesn't beep?

6. Will there be any cost to me?

7. How do I order my replacement transponder?

8. What if I haven't received a postcard or email yet?

9. What if the address on my SunPass account is incorrect?

10. How do I know if I need to replace my transponder?

11. Can I exchange my transponder at the SunPass Customer Service Center?

12. How long will it take to receive my replacement?

13. How soon can I use my replacement transponder after I activate it?

14. Can I continue to use my older transponder after receiving my replacement?

15. How do I properly dispose of my battery operated transponder?

16. What is the warranty on my replacement transponder?

17. What if I choose not to participate in the transponder replacement program?

18. Where do I go to get additional information?